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Beyond the algorithm: social media for charities

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This event took place on 15 July 2021 and all registered delegates were sent direct access details for the recordings. Please only book your place here if you missed the event the first time round. 

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TikTok or Twitch? Or maybe your charity should use Clubhouse? Social Media is evolving every day and it can be hard to keep up with emerging channels, trends, behaviours, and audience expectations of our charities online.

Packed with practical and punchy lightning talks and thought-provoking discussions – this online conference will bring together some of the best charity brains to explore the latest trends, case studies and innovations in social media.

There will be opportunities for peer-to peer learning too with guided networking and safe spaces to discuss your own challenges. You’ll leave the event bursting with new ideas to try when you get back to the office. 

On the agenda:

  • Emerging channels: tips for using Clubhouse, TikTok, Twitch and beyond
  • Social media trends: what you should watch out for in 2021 and beyond
  • Content planning: developing your calendar and balancing asks
  • The sinister side: dealing with trolls and abuse
  • Tips for making your social communications more accessible
  • Paid advertising: top tips and things to avoid
  • Nailed it: measuring success when algorithms keep changing the goal posts 
  • Always on: looking after your wellbeing and mental health
  • Fundraising on social media: success stories to inspire your next campaign
  • Social media on a budget: top tips for investing your resources wisely
  • Social listening: do you have a strategy?

Your ticket gives you access to a day of great content.

Can’t join us for the whole live broadcast? We’ve got you covered as we’ll be recording the live broadcast and make these available to all delegates after the conference. 


Adeela Warley 
CEO, CharityComms

Housekeeping and ice breaker

Vanessa Weddell 
head of events, CharityComms

Lightning talks: punchy and practical talks, showcasing real-life examples to inspire your social media work
Letting your followers lead: five ways your audience can help you plan your campaigns

We’ve all got lots to say, but do our followers want to hear it? In this talk, we’ll share examples of how Sightsavers has used audience insight to maximise engagement and deliver stakeholder and follower-friendly social media comms.

Corinne Clark 
social media manager, Sightsavers

Building a long-term fundraising campaign on social media

Looking to kickstart your fundraising results on social media? In this session, Raw London will walk through a recent international fundraising campaign that drove results on social media. We’ll explore planning content across the customer journey from prospecting, retargeting and conversion, and share the creative frameworks that can help optimise your content and make your messaging land.


Charlotte Harris 
marketing director, Raw London

Amber Parsons 
creative director, Raw London

By young people, for young people: StreetDoctors journey of co-creation

At StreetDoctors, we see young people as central to the solutions for reducing violence. So, co-creation runs through everything we do. In this talk, Frances will share StreetDoctors successful co-creating journey communications campaigns which started in 2020 with #ApplyPressure – a film educating young people on what to do if someone’s been stabbed. This then led them to co-create educational TikTok videos with a youth marketing agency, and most recently with LADbible to tell the story of one of our inspirational healthcare volunteers.

Frances Breeveld 
communications and policy officer, StreetDoctors

Q&A with our lightning talk speakers: showcasing real-life examples to inspire your social media work
Breakout chats: content planning - developing your calendar

Balancing internal asks for social content can be tricky. In these discussions, we’ll explore how we can keep the peace between competing requests and the balance between engagement, broadcast and calls to action. We know that you – our delegates – have a wealth of experience to share with each other. Please come to these chats armed with your challenges and be prepared to help others with theirs.

Breaktime – time to grab yourself a cuppa
Lightning Talks: punchy and practical talks about social media trends and evolving channels
Using TikTok to reach new audiences

Citizens Advice is using TikTok to reach new audiences and engage with younger people – a group that historically was not familiar with its services. In this talk, Eleanor will share the top tips she has learnt through using TikTok – from getting unsure stakeholders on board to how to flex a well-established brand for a new platform, plus how to get people to be in videos!

Eleanor Sutherland
communications officer, Citizens Advice

Tips for using Facebook ads to help your charity thrive - in a post-iOS 14.5 world!

If the thought of running ads on Facebook makes you want to hide under a blanket, then this session will help! Facebook ads give you the opportunity to reach your perfect supporters, donors and fundraisers, quickly and cost-effectively. Right now, Facebook is making A LOT of changes to its ads system in reaction to Apple’s tracking technology updates. In this session, there will be practical advice on what you can do to get started and to make your account ready for this. You’ll leave with hints and tips to help your Facebook ads perform as well as they can for your cause.

Farrah Owens 
founder, Spark Plug Marketing

Does the future of social media lie in audio?

With the rise of Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces, Facebook’s live audio rooms and even Spotify’s greenroom, social audio is one of the biggest trends right now. In this talk, we’ll explore how social media managers can start navigating these exciting new spaces.

Melis Figanmese 
senior campaigns officer, International Federation of Redcross and Red Crescent Societies

Social-first storytelling in 2021

With the success of TikTok, the abundance of UGC-content and the rise of short, snackable videos in 2021 – the way we tell stories has changed. In this talk, Courtney will share how Childline has adapted its social media content to tell authentic stories, plus hear her top tips for creating social-first storytelling.

Courtney Zitola
senior digital marketing officer , NSPCC

Q&A with our lightning talk speakers on social media trends and evolving channels
Breaktime – time to grab yourself a cuppa
Lightning talks: punchy and practical talks about social listening and measurement
Beyond vanity metrics on social: what does success really look like?

Likes. Shares. Mentions. Followers. Reach. Our social channels provide us with lots of data – but what does it all mean? In this talk, Dan and Rebecca will explore how we can best measure our efforts on social media, going beyond the vanity metrics. But more importantly, they will cover what controls each of these key metrics, how algorithms affect your ability to grow and scale; and what you can do to maximise the value you receive from social.

Rebecca Fitzgerald
CEO, StrawberrySocial

Dan Spicer
social strategist and analyst , StrawberrySocial

Auditing your social media and measuring success when the algorithms keep changing

In her talk, Abbie will walk us through how she conducted an extensive audit of the British Veterinary Association’s social media channels (including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn). She will share advice on how to audit channels, the tools you can use, what metrics to look out for, setting KPIs, and how to use this data to establish a strategy. She will also talk about how her charity has been tackling changes to algorithms.

Abbie Hettle 
digital content manager, British Veterinary Association

Q&A with our lightning talk speakers on social listening and measurement
Breakout chats: Measurement and metrics

We know that you – our delegates – have a wealth of experience to share with each other. Please come to these chats armed with your measurement challenges and be prepared to help others with theirs too.

Breaktime – time to grab yourself a cuppa
Panel discussion: Managing the dark side of social media

As social media managers we face many challenges, from dealing with trolls and abuse to handling PR crisis situations and managing our own mental health and wellbeing in the midst of it all. In this panel discussion, our guests will talk about their own experience and offer advice for dealing with the dark side of social.

Adeela Warley 
CEO, CharityComms

Tereza Litsa 
social media manager, Lightful

Alex Murray
civil society partnerships manager, Conscious Advertising Network

Jasmine Warren 
social media manager , Tearfund

Close and launch of pre-recorded presentations

Adeela Warley 
CEO, CharityComms

Top tips for how to make your social media content more accessible

In this talk, we will hear some of the ways you can make your content on social media more accessible, from using image descriptions to checking the contrast of your text. Now more than ever, ensuring your work can be understood by everyone should be an essential part of all communications. Natasha will share her thoughts on how the social media team at Sightsavers creates accessible content.

Natasha Hunt
social media community manager, Sightsavers

Comms best practice and tips for combatting online hate

Charities Against Hate is a group of charities working together to combat hate speech on social media and make online spaces more equitable and safer for everyone. Over the past year, they have created a range of guides and resources to support charity staff and their wider communities in tackling online hate. Sarah outlines some ideas and recommendations for best practice in ethical digital marketing and communications for the third sector.

Sarah Clarke 
head of membership, CharityComms

The Instagram changes you need to know about

Last month, Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri, announced the social network’s plans to start showing users full-screen, recommended videos in feeds. In her talk, Justine will outline some of the changes we can expect to see, what they might mean for marketeers and the reasons for why they are happening. She will also explore the benefits to charities and some pointers to help you prepare and approach the new developments.

Justine Lee
digital marketing & communications specialist , Digital Know How

We'll also share these presentations from the CharityComms archive:
Fundraising on a budget using social media

BookTrust’s Nicki Taylor and Sharon Jones explain how social media has helped create one of their biggest annual fundraising activities – the Christmas Appeal.  They share what they have learned along the way – from creating a big impact, to adapting and optimising messaging in response to their audience’s reaction, to maximising a limited budget – while keeping storytelling at the heart of the campaign.

This talk was originally filmed at our 2020 CharityComms Digital Conference.

Nicki Taylor
head of fundraising, BookTrust

Sharon Jones 
head of digital, BookTrust

Harnessing video for facebook advertising presentation

With a third of the world using Facebook how can you afford not to leverage your best video content on the platform to inspire new donors? This presentation from Animals Asia shares creative insights into tailoring your content as well as the nuts and bolts of implementing a responsive Facebook ads strategy to deliver strong and consistent ROI. If you’re not engaging people through video ads on Facebook, find out why you should be, and how.

This talk was originally filmed at our Video for Charities Conference in February 2021.

Alastair Binnie-Lubbock
senior content manager, Animals Asia Foundation

Stephen O’Shea
global head of digital fundraising, Animals Asia Foundation

Panel discussion: How can we best support people with lived experience? 

Prepare to have your thinking challenged. In this panel discussion, we explored why we need a new approach to supporting our storytellers. Our guests offered practical insights and tips for how to shift your storytelling culture to offer a better experience for all and a way more strategic approach in the long term.

Former journalist and CEO, Nathalie McDermott joins us as guest chair, from On Road Media – an organisation dedicated to bringing people and media organisations together to inspire better content of communities that are misrepresented.

This panel discussion was originally filmed at the CharityComms Storyfest Conference in July 2020.

Jess Crombie
consultant and lecturer on documentary image making and ethics, London College of Communication

Nathalie McDermott
CEO, On Road Media

Tanaka Mhishi
playwright, university lecturer, poet and media volunteer, Freelance

Twimukye Macline Mushaka
senior fieldwork development officer, The Poverty Alliance

Ugla Stefanía Kristjönudóttir Jónsdóttir 
columnist at Metro UK, co-creator at My Generation and advisor for All About Trans?

Wellbeing for comms professionals

Whether you’re managing a team or you’re a sole comms professional taking care of your mental health is essential. The added pressure of a global pandemic, additional caring responsibilities and financial worries has taken its toll on the charity sector – how do you ensure you’re protecting yourself, your colleagues and volunteers? 

Chris O’Sullivan discusses Zooming through burnout and barrier – protecting your mental health as a comms team, and Alana Genge shared 5 ways to wellbeing. 

These talks were filmed at CharityComms Scotland Network event in March 2021, but the content is relevant to anyone working in comms throughout the UK.

Chris O’Sullivan
head of communications and fundraising for Scotland and Northern Ireland, Mental Health Foundation

Alana Genge 
communications manager, Health in Mind

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