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Visual identity design

Brand Breakfast

20 June 2017

Favicons. Colours. Typefaces. Graphic devices. Photography. Illustration. Iconography. Used effectively a visual identity should express a brand’s unique personality. Even when the logo is covered up!

A visual identity should be coherent enough to be instantly recognisable but flexible enough to be easily applied across every brand presence from a coffee morning to a helicopter.

This Brand Breakfast celebrated the art of contemporary visual identity design.

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Live recordings

If you’re a CharityComms member, you can watch the presentations from the morning on our Vimeo channel (links to each recording below with the presentations). Please drop Sarah Cutress an email to get the password to access them.


Julia Horne, brand and marketing manager, St John Ambulance and Mark Pailing, creative director, Pollitt and Partners

Watch the video of Julia and Mark’s presentation on Vimeo (exclusive to CharityComms members)

Siobhra Murphy, head of PR and communications, London’s Air Ambulance

Watch the video of Siobhra’s presentation on Vimeo (exclusive to CharityComms members)

Barbara Cormie, creative manager and James Reekie, senior designer, Macmillan Cancer Support 

Watch the video of Barbara and James’s presentation on Vimeo (exclusive to CharityComms members)

About the Brand Breakfast

CharityComms’ Brand Breakfast is an informal forum where brand managers come together to discuss issues of mutual interest and share examples of good practice.

These events are a great opportunity to meet your peers, compare notes on workplace practices and share successes, ideas, challenges and inspiration. The group is designed to encourage networking and peer to peer support, sharing issues in a ‘safe’ environment.

If you’re interested in presenting at a future event or joining the steering group, please contact Vanessa Weddell.

About The Team

The Team has been in the business of creating brands that deliver a social impact for over 30 years, from Comic Relief and Fire Kills to M&S Plan A. Our ambition has always been to build brands that create value for society. We give brands purpose and bring it to life, inside and out. Ranked number 5 for brand and 10 for digital in the Design Week Top 100 Consultancies, we believe in ideas and collaboration. That’s why we’re called The Team. Working together enables us to play to our strengths; to bring ideas to life. Ideas that create change for the better.

If you’d like to talk to them about any of their services, please email brand strategy director, Dan Dufour, call 020 7842 3054 or visit their website to find out more.