Measuring and evaluating campaigning success

Campaign Network
5 July 2018

Measuring and evaluating the success of your behaviour change, policy influencing or advocacy campaigns can be much trickier than that of service delivery or fundraising appeals.

These campaigns are often complex, using a range of tactics, over a long period of time so it’s essential we have good measurement and evaluation in place. With this we can continually monitor whether the campaign is achieving what we set it out to do, report on the results in an evidence-based way and learn how to improve.

At this Campaign Network event, we explored how we can effectively demonstrate the link between our campaigning activities and how these outputs have contributed to change, with talks from Sarah Rose, head of advocacy impact, accountability and learning at Save the Children and Dima Alazzi, evaluation manager at Mencap, and facilitated group discussions.


Podcast: Making monitoring and evaluation as simple as possible (but not simpler) – with Jim Coe and Sarah Rose, head of advocacy impact, accountability and learning, Save the Children 

Tools: Save the Children’s Advocacy and Campaign Impact guides and tools

Report: Monitoring, evaluation and learning in NGO advocacy by Jim Coe and Juliette Majot

Guide: A Guide to Measuring Advocacy and Policy by the Annie E. Casey Foundation and Organizational Research Services

Guide: Measuring your campaigning impact by New Philanthropy Capital  

About the Campaign Network

The Campaign Network looks to address a gap for heads of campaigns and campaign leads in UK charities for strategic development, campaign sector development and professional development.

The Network will provide an opportunity for campaign peers to meet to discuss important issues at a strategic level, in order to raise the standard around campaigning. The format of the afternoon is a round-table discussion, led by our excellent facilitators, feeding into the group as a whole.

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