Creative campaigns

Sole communicators group
5 November 2013
18.00 - 20.30

How can charity communicators use creativity to support their work? This informal networking group will meet to share ideas and experiences of using creativity to solve a problem, reach new audiences and to make the most of limited budgets. 

Helen Jones, communications assistant from Refuge, will be sharing the story behind the successful 2012 campaign 'Don't cover it up' and the impact it made. This will be followed by a roundtable discussion amongst peers.  

This group is for lone comms professionals working in the charity sector and includes:
• Those who are the only person looking after the communications at their organisation
• Freelance comms professionals

If you are a freelance communicator, this group is for your professional development; to learn, to network and to share your knowledge with your peers. It must not be used as an opportunity to solicit potential work. If we feel you are taking advantage of the group for your own personal gain you will be asked to leave the group.