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Digital communications trends for 2016 and beyond


28 January 2016

Is your charity ready for what’s coming next in the world of digital communications? The best charity communicators never stop learning and looking ahead.

This seminar was full of quick-fire presentations offering insights into the biggest trends for the year ahead. Our ten expert speakers each had seven minutes to share a trend they think will be a real game-changer, and our sponsor, Positive drew together some thoughts and conclusions on the implications for charities.

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Building digital support systems – Jo Wolfe, director of digital, Breast Cancer Care

It’s all about you – Said Dajani, head of digital, Diabetes UK

Online-offline-online – Marie Campbell, deputy programme director, Greenpeace UK

Developing digital trust – Damien Austin-Walker, head of digital, vInspired

Digital leadership is changing – Eva Appelbaum, partner, Digital Talent @ Work

Virtual Reality vs. Virtual Fiction Ashleigh Adair, head of digital strategy, Forster Communications

Cashless society – Matthew Patten, CEO, Mayor’s Fund for London

Think product, not website Chris Thorn, head of digital, British Heart Foundation

Emailing smarter – Rhiannan Sullivan, UK director, Care2

Breaking out of our bubbles – Joe Hall, online campaigns and communications manager, The Climate Coalition/ founder, Woo Hoo Yeah Yeah!

Ready for the future – Mike Jenkins, managing director, Positive