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2020 CharityComms Digital Conference

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£75 + VAT pp for CharityComms charity members
£100 + VAT pp for CharityComms corporate partners
£145 + VAT pp for non-members of all types

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Our annual, sell-out digital conference is moving online! Set over three days, there will be a mix of inspiring talks, breakout discussions, panel sessions and the opportunity to connect with expert suppliers and peers. We will explore the latest trends and innovations to help your charity thrive in the ever-evolving digital environment.

There will be distinct themes for each day:

  • Day 1: 25 November  digital leadership and strategy
  • Day 2: 26 November  marketing and communications 
  • Day 3: 27 November  digital fundraising

Your ticket price gives you access to talks across the three days. By registering to watch the conference on demand, you’ll be able to watch the content whenever suits you best! 

Who is this event for?

This event is designed for charity digital, marketing and comms professionals at all levels and for a variety of budgets – from low to high.

25 November: digital leadership and strategy

Adeela Warley 
CEO, CharityComms

Housekeeping and icebreaker

Vanessa Weddell 
head of events, CharityComms

Lightning talks: the future is now

The pandemic changed everything. Digital initiatives that would have taken months (if not years) to come to fruition, have been dreamed up and rolled out almost overnight in some cases. Here at CharityComms, we’ve been blown-away by the real-world impact of this transformation. There has never been a more important time to adapt – as COVID-19 continues to increase demand on charities already facing huge financial pressures. In these punchy 15-minute talks, we’ll hear from digital leaders about how they’ve been responding and what they’ve learnt. There will be an opportunity to ask questions after each session.              

Why agile is the mindset to get us through the pandemic

In late 2019 Save the Children UK initiated a new agile operating model. In fundraising and marketing this meant new multidisciplinary teams delivering all brand, fundraising and campaigning work. Of course, it would have been nice to have a year to embed the approach, but two months in and the UK went into lockdown. Despite the challenges, the agile mindset that can benefit organisations at any time has been especially impactful during this period of uncertainty. Team empowerment, speed of shifts, and a short-term planning cadence are a few of the topics Gemma will explore in this lightening talk.

Gemma Sherrington
executive director of fundraising and marketing , Save the Children UK

Digital transformation by pandemic at The Scout Association

Both our work and personal lives are now being lived out online – digital transformation is happening in real-time. In particular, exciting digital things have been happening at the Scouts. In their talk, Lara and Amy will share their transformation work and what they’ve learnt over the last 7 months – from rolling out systems to aid remote working to Scouting by Zoom with #TheGreatIndoors campaign.     

Lara Burns 
chief digital officer, The Scouts Association

Amy Butterworth 
programme design manager, The Scout Association

Pivoting online: ‘in memory’ campaigns and mass participation events

Winter is a time when missing loved ones plays on the mind and the focus of many charities turns to ‘in memory’ campaigns. Amelia and Hannah from St Barnabas Lincolnshire Hospice have put together an easy ten-step plan to turn an ‘in memory’ campaign entirely digital. They will talk through how they have given this year’s Light up a Life appeal a new lease of life and how their famous Torchlight Procession has gone virtual because of coronavirus restrictions.    

Amelia Chambers 
marketing and communications manager, St Barnabas Lincolnshire Hospice

Hannah Dawson 
marketing & communications assistant, St Barnabas Lincolnshire Hospice

Being brave – taking a risk at The Bike Project

The pandemic has changed how charities fundraise and connect with their supporters, to meet changing human behaviour. At The Bike Project, agile planning allowed them not only to survive but thrive. With digital at the heart of their organisation, Jess and Muna will talk about how they brought to life a bespoke digital fundraising challenge to continue bringing in revenue, cement deeper engagement of the cause with supporters and set the future for how fundraising may look for the charity. 

Muna Hussen
head of marketing and fundraising, The Bike Project

Jessica Miller 
fundraising and retail manager, The Bike Project

Tea break challenge and breakout chats

Make yourself a cuppa. Maybe even dig out a fancy biscuit. Then head back to your desk for our breakout chats (starting at 11.30) where we’ll be exploring challenges and solutions for digital leaders at this time. As always, our events are packed with delegates who know their onions when it comes to digital. This is your opportunity to bring challenges to a small group for brainstorming.            

Lightning talks continue...
Transformation at Parkinson’s UK: five lessons for digital leaders

Parkinson’s UK began its transformation journey in 2016, which is why when the pandemic hit it was able to work through lockdown with minimal interruption. It’s culture, infrastructure and communication channels were already optimised for remote working and it was well placed to adapt service delivery and engagement models at pace. Julie will share some of the learnings from this journey – to help other digital leaders adapt at this critical time.  

Julie Dodd 
director of transformation, Parkinson's UK

How to re-evaluate your digital strategy during COVID-19

Zoe Amar will take you through a process to review your digital strategy in the light of the fast-moving events and economic volatility of the pandemic. From understanding how your supporters’ needs and behaviours are changing, mapping what’s going on in the external environment and anticipating key challenges ahead, you’ll learn how to reset your strategy, plan for the next phase of the crisis and stay agile so that you can respond to the challenges and opportunities ahead. 

Zoe Amar 
founder and director, Zoe Amar Digital

Digital inclusion: if not now, then when?!

While digital inclusion was already an important issue before Covid-19, there’s no doubt that it has now become an essential one. At Citizens Online it sparked renewed enthusiasm for ‘thinking outside the box’ and exploring new solutions to familiar problems. The sense of emergency was often matched by adrenaline-fueled Zoom calls, new Trello boards and Google Docs determined to turn talk to action. “If not now, then when?!” was a familiar reflection. In his talk, Bryan will share the work that his organisation has been doing over the last eight months and offer his top tips to charities struggling to reach their offline audiences.   

Bryan Rossi-Anderson 
partnership and project manager, (Digital Brighton & Hove), Citizens Online

From comms channel to vital service – transforming our website and social media

In this talk, we’ll hear about how the YoungMinds website and social media went from just another comms channel to delivering a vital service and becoming a key part of their organisational strategy. Zoe will tell us why this was an important distinction to make and what it meant for their digital communications. We’ll also hear about how they gathered user insight as they transformed this service – testing and learning along the way. 

Zoe Guy 
digital content manager, YoungMinds

Rapid Transformation in the Age of uncertainty: 3 urgent lessons on the most overlooked and costly mistakes

Even before the pandemic, everyone was talking about digital transformation. Now it’s much more urgent, but you have less time, resource and budget to make it happen. Using practical, real life examples, this talk gives you the inside track by busting some myths and uncovering costly mistakes to avoid. You’ll leave with clarity on what to do, what not to do and what to do more of.

Tim De La Salle 
founder, Fly

Close and launch of pre-recorded presentations

Adeela Warley 
CEO, CharityComms

Pre-recorded presentations to watch at your leisure:

We know some of you will want to continue learning today, while others will prefer to come back later. That’s why we’ve commissioned a range of pre-recorded presentations so that the rest of your day is up to you. Happy watching! 

Inclusive digital recruitment

Our recent survey showed 47% of organisations did not have a D&I strategy at the beginning of 2020. In this session, we will look at the latest trends in digital recruitment and offer advice on how organisations can develop recruitment processes that enable them to hire the best possible talent. Matt and Kate will talk through some of the key elements of our Inclusive Recruitment Guide, offering advice on how your organisation’s recruitment processes can be adapted to ensure that they are inclusive to all.              

Kate Maunder 
divisional manager – marketing & communications, TPP Recruitment

Matt Adams
divisional manager, TPP Recruitment

Adapting to assist service-users remotely: inspirational ideas from grant-giving charities

Benevolent funds are a less-known part of the charity sector, and those that know these charities often think of them as old fashioned and technologically adverse. In this talk, Hannah will be showcasing examples of where both large and small grant-giving charities have rapidly adapted their services during lockdown to continue to help those that need urgent assistance. These examples (from a range of charities) will provide ideas for ways you can better assist your service users, no matter what the future holds.

Hannah Page 
marketing & communications manager, ACO - The Association of Charitable Organisations

Using digital to boost small charity impact

The PBC Foundation is a small UK-based charity supporting people around the world with Primary Biliary Cholangitis – a rare, long-term, auto-immune disease. In his talk, Robert will share lessons from their digital journey showing how transformation on a limited budget has enabled them to better support people living with this condition. We’ll learn about how they built an interactive app to promote self-management; an event that was rolled out globally online; and their isolation-busting Facebook live social sessions which helped to combat loneliness during lockdown and beyond. Robert will offer his top tips for small charities looking to make the most of digital to increase impact.

Robert Mitchell-Thain
head of education and development, PBC Foundation

26 November: marketing and communications

Adeela Warley 
CEO, CharityComms

Housekeeping and icebreaker

Vanessa Weddell 
head of events, CharityComms

Creating diverse and inclusive communications

In this panel discussion we’ll be exploring how we can ensure our content is diverse and inclusive. We have invited a panel of comms professionals to explore some of the following topics:

  • Representation – telling authentic and nuanced stories and the difficulty with short form
  • Inclusive and participatory storytelling – working with people with lived experience
  • Reviewing language, formats and Images
  • Making equality, diversity and inclusivity part of your comms strategy
  • And much more!

Cara English
head of public engagement, Gendered Intelligence

Ivy Lahon 
head of creative content and stories, Save the Children UK

Rachel Erskine 
communications manager, Amref Health Africa - UK

Fatima Ribeiro 
executive director fundraising and creative, Comic Relief

Sarah Fitsell
Digital engagement officer, Mencap

Harry Roche
communications assistant and ambassador, Mencap

Tea break challenge and breakout chats

Make yourself a cuppa. Maybe even dig out a fancy biscuit. Then head back to your desk for our breakout chats where we’ll be discussing diversity in comms. This is your opportunity to bring your thoughts, suggestions and challenges to a small group for brainstorming    

Bouncing back from a social media crisis

A Social Media crisis can really take its toll on your team’s mental health, especially during a global pandemic. In their talk, James and Lizzie will use real life examples of how the NSPCC has dealt with crises and difficult (often emotionally triggering) content to explore its impact on both organisation and individuals. We will hear how the team has bounced back from crisis looking at how they’ve changed culture and process to be ready in future. James will also touch upon how the pandemic restrictions have affected their crisis response and offer this advice for the steps your organisation can take to shore-up process and culture.  

James Barker 
head of marketing & planning, NSPCC

Lizzie Carse
social media manager, NSPCC

The evolution of film in the charity sector

In this session, we’ll be taking a look at what film work has been achieved in 2020 despite production limitations. Morever has focussed sharply on using user generated content for everything from: brand awareness, to fundraising films and even Christmas campaigns. Abi will share insights on execution and impact – focussing on reach, engagement and conversion stats. In the second part of the session we’ll look towards 2021 and ask: what’s next for UGC? With her top three predictions as to how filmmaking techniques will continue to evolve to circumvent circumstances and deliver bold creativity, together with value-for-money.

Abi Mellor 
managing director, Morever

Operationalising your content strategy

In his talk, Ash will share how Parkinson’s UK devised and evolved its decentralised content approach over the last two years. Ash will explain how they operationalised their strategy and how they broke it down into everyday tasks and processes to deliver and govern consistent content. This session will be great for any content creators and leads who would like to see a real example of how you turn a strategy into a methodology as Ash will offer a behind the scenes view that shows how a charity keeps churning out great, consistent, audience-first content.  

Ash Stally-Chudasama 
senior content editor, Parkinson's UK

Build user empathy, remotely

The pandemic isn’t just cutting us off from colleagues, it’s cutting us off from our supporters and service users too. We all know that great digital content and experiences are designed with a deep understanding of their target users at heart. But there’s a problem. We need better digital content and services more than ever, and yet we can’t research and build empathy with our users like we used to. Or can we?

In this talk we’ll look at how lockdown might just be the best thing to happen to your user research ever. Matt Haworth, tech for good expert, shares with you the tools and techniques they’re using to build empathy and understanding of a more diverse range of users than ever before whilst working on real charity projects. We’ll look at 5 takeaway tools you can use to do the same.

Matt Haworth 
co-founder, Reason Digital

Close and launch of pre-recorded presentations

Adeela Warley 
CEO, CharityComms

Pre-recorded presentations to watch at your leisure

We know some of you will want to continue learning today, while others will prefer to come back later. That’s why we’ve commissioned a range of pre-recorded presentations so that the rest of your day is up to you. Happy watching! 

How to develop a proposition that works for your target audience        

Developing propositions that help build lasting supporter relationships More onion strategist, Claire Donner, will be sharing insights and top tips on developing and live testing a supporter proposition. Claire will draw on recent experience working with Sustrans developing communications to recruit and build lasting relationships with a broad range of supporters.


Claire Donner 
senior strategy consultant, more onion

Virtual involvement – co-producing communications during the pandemic             

At Pause we work alongside women in our Communications projects to make things better and amplify their voices. We know the women we work with are the experts in their experience.  With COVID-19 we’ve had to rethink how we involve and co-produce Communications content alongside women. Since March we’ve co-produced an animation, involved women in an influencing project and supported women to be on our podcast – all through digital means. In this session you’ll hear from a the team involved in the projects and we’ll talk about what we’ve learnt – what really worked and what really didn’t!

Louis Vine
communications manager, Forward Trust

Phoebe Green
women’s involvement officer, Pause



Lessons from running a remote brand awareness campaign

In these troubled times, our countryside can help restore our happiness, health, and wellbeing. In his talk, Sam will show how, despite the chaos of the world outside, CPRE, the countryside charity, engaged more people than ever before with its ‘Join the regeneration’ brand awareness campaign. By the end of the campaign it had generated over 9 million impressions and 1.7M video views across all channels. It worked with The Good Agency to create a 60 second film using only stock footage. They’ve still never met (in person) as a project team. It co-ordinated the whole campaign remotely, running social and display ads, and achieved something they didn’t think possible. Sam will give us the inside story along with his top tips.

Sam Butler
head of brand and engagement, CPRE, the countryside charity

Creating an award-winning video - on zero budget

There are still many myths surrounding hospices and in particular children’s hospices. These myths can influence how families, healthcare professionals and supporters feel. With a small budget, the Rainbows Hospice set out to develop a video to dispel these myths. In his talk, Mike will explore the production and distribution process including how they used a multi-channel approach involving media, PR, ambassadors and people with lived experience to create an award-winning video with zero budget.

Michael Younger
marketing and campaigns manager, Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People

How to run an incredible virtual event - tips, advice and a chance to learn from our experiences!

The pandemic has given many of us the push we needed to explore how our events, whether small scale meetings and workshops or major conferences and festivals, can work online. Taking your event into a digital space opens up lots of new opportunities, but pulling off an incredible virtual event takes more than good technology. Faith and Chris will share with you the many lessons they’ve learned over the past eight months, talking through what it takes to plan and deliver a compelling virtual event, and how to ensure you achieve the same level of impact as you would expect to achieve from your ‘in person’ events programme. They’ll touch on how to plan your event to work for a new, online audience, how to market an online event effectively, technical guidance to support you in the practical delivery and how to retain a strong brand experience throughout your event, even when your only window to your audience is a computer screen.

Faith Bulleyment
business director, Creative Concern

Chris Dessent 
managing director, Creative Concern

27 November: digital fundraising

Adeela Warley 
CEO, CharityComms

Housekeeping and icebreaker

Vanessa Weddell 
head of events, CharityComms

Panel discussion: What’s the future of digital fundraising in the UK?

What does the future of digital fundraising in the UK look like? Good question. In this session, we’ll explore key digital fundraising trends across different types of fundraising, understand what’s holding us back currently, identify opportunities for growth, and delve into ethical digital fundraising. We’ll also talk about what digital transformation might look like for organisations both big and small.

Terence Lovell 
chief engagement & marketing officer, Anthony Nolan

Davinia Batley 
director of fundraising & engagement , Become

Marja Moller
digital fundraising advertising manager, Shelter UK

Deniz Hassan
global digital fundraising lead, World Food Programme

Sam Afhim 
director of fundraising and comms, Freedom from Torture

Avin Wong
digital fundraising manager, Tearfund

Creating the optimal online donor journey

With more donations being made through your website than ever before, it’s important that those donation journeys are working hard for you. How can you maximise the conversions of RG and cash giving? How can you make the journey both engaging and relevant to the donor and yet effortless for them to donate? WPNC are considered the leading experts in digital donations and manage the online donation experiences for several of the top 50 charities. In this session, Vicky Reeves will share some of the insights on how to improve your online donor journeys from engagement-based giving, the UX tips that make a difference and the latest in payment technologies.

Vicky Reeves 
managing director digital and deputy CEO, WPNC

Tea break challenge and breakout chats

Make yourself a cuppa. Maybe even dig out a fancy biscuit. Then head back to your desk for our breakout chats (at 11:35). This is your opportunity to bring your thoughts, suggestions and challenges to a small group for brainstorming  

Virtual fundraising – five things we’ve learnt from creating new products during the crisis  

Social distancing restrictions have put huge pressures on charities to find new ways to fundraise and get communications out to the public. In this talk, the NSPCC team will share five things they learnt about pivoting their fundraising and comms online during the pandemic. This includes using agile project management, responding to audiences, improving delivery of virtual products, trying new channels and developing new governance to improve cross team working.


Kay Wong
associate head of digital engagement , NSPCC

Nico Celaj
head of income generation, NSPCC

The magical robot unicorn of digital fundraising

Want the lowdown on the digital fundraising trick that most charities are missing? Two words: Marketing Automations. Through case studies, benchmarking data and real examples, Keira Roth from Engaging Networks will take you on a journey that will inspire your supporters to give from day one. This hands-on session will give you takeaways you can implement immediately, as well as access to an online training course. Join this session for new skills and ideas to increase your online income. 

Keira Roth 
UK business development director, Engaging Networks

Fundraising on a budget using social media

BookTrust’s Nicki Taylor and Sharon Jones will explain how social media has helped create one of their biggest annual fundraising activities – the Christmas Appeal.  They will share what they have learned along the way – from creating a big impact, to adapting and optimising messaging in response to their audience’s reaction, to maximising a limited budget – while keeping storytelling at the heart of the campaign.

Nicki Taylor
head of fundraising, BookTrust

Sharon Jones 
head of digital, BookTrust

The great virtual Guide Dogs tea party: delivering a world record and a new digital event

In their talk, the team at Guide Dogs will explain how a traditional fundraising event was transformed in response to Covid and how the simplicity of the ask drove one of the highest levels of online celebrity support of any of their campaigns. They’ll share insights from the campaign as well as offering top tips for running virtual fundraising events.

Pam White
national community fundraising campaigns manager, Guide Dogs

Tracey Wellingham
community fundraising campaigns manager, Guide Dogs

Close and launch of pre-recorded presentations

Adeela Warley 
CEO, CharityComms

Pre-recorded presentations to watch at your leisure:

We know some of you will want to continue learning today, while others will prefer to come back later. That’s why we’ve commissioned a range of pre-recorded presentations so that the rest of your day is up to you. Happy watching! 

How Endometriosis UK grew social to increase funds and support                                                                                                                              

As a small charity, it can be hard to prioritise digital, but since COVID-19, charities have started to learn just how key digital is to all aspects of growing a small charity. Faye and Heidi will talk through how prioritising digital has seen a growth in their social media by over 30%, raised over £140,000 as part of their #WalkforEndo campaign, and grown their support network to become the most diverse it has ever been.

Faye Farthing
communications & campaigns manager, Endometriosis UK

Choosing the right partner for your fundraising platform

Every penny counts, and never has that been truer than in today’s current climate. Which makes selecting the right digital fundraising partner more important than ever. In this engaging session we discuss the top five considerations to ensure you select the right partner. Including staying ahead of the ever-evolving digital landscape, looking at the commercial aspects, supporter engagement, collaboration and security.

Adam Stevens 
managing director, Collection Pot

Applying TV network strategy to your fundraising video content

In this session, we’ll talk about why and how you should be applying TV network strategy to your online fundraising content. Every TV network has a range of channels catering to specific audiences through relevant shows. You should be creating ‘channels’ of content for each of your charity objectives and then themed seasons of episodic content for each channel; using this approach, you can target your stakeholder groups with relevant stories and information, and drive home your fundraising message.

Gary Gumbleton
creative director, Capital Content

Bursaries for small charities

If you’re a CharityComms member charity with an annual income under £1 million, you can apply for a bursary to attend this event for free by e-mailing to apply. We have a limited number of bursary places. 


Fly is a specialist marketing technology consultancy. 

From tackling urgent problems to driving transformational change, Fly is focused on getting more done for less. We specialise in helping you get more value from your digital investments and demonstrate real impact to your stakeholders.

Together we help our clients work smarter, achieve more and avoid expensive mistakes.


Morever is an awesome and award winning multi-skilled team that strives to deliver remarkable creative work for charities and brands. Morever specialise in visual storytelling through film, animation and motion graphics. Gold winners at this year’s Charity Film Awards, Morever have specialist expertise in authentic storytelling. Amongst others, we work with: Greenpeace, Blind Veterans UK, Diabetes UK, the Stroke Association, Tommy’s, Breast Cancer Care, Uniting To Combat NTDs, the MS Society, Citizens Advice, Unilever, and The Met Police.


Reason digital


For more than a decade, Reason Digital is the agency that has partnered with charities to combat society’s biggest issues with award-winning digital innovation. Our team of socially driven experts work alongside pro-social organisations to ensure our technology positively impacts and changes the lives of the most vulnerable. Whether it’s building a website, an app or innovating through design sprints or digital transformation, we’re committed to solving problems that actually matter.


Digital capabilities are at the heart of our agency WPNC (formerly WPN+Chameleon). We are dedicated to creating digital solutions and products for organisations that meet their key objectives or play an integral part in a campaign.

We use insight, creativity and technical innovation to create compelling experiences that move people to take action.

We also have significant experience in digital fundraising including creating the next generation donation platform goDonate which handles the online donations for many leading charities such as the NSPCC, Alzheimer’s Society, Prostate Cancer and Battersea.


Engaging Networks is an innovative  fundraising and digital engagement platform for not-for-profits. Experience a full suite of digital tools designed to engage your supporters from day one. We go beyond your donation page by integrating campaigning, email, peer-to-peer, events and data management tools as well as giving charities access to the newest technologies from machine learning to mobile wallets. Want to find out more? Get in touch today to see how you can make your supporters happier by doing digital better.


The TPP MarComms & Digital team have over two decades of experience and are dedicated specialists in recruiting marketing, communications, and digital talent.

Our success has been achieved through our ability to deliver a consistent, personalised, and results-driven service to both our clients and candidates – while enjoying the partnerships that develop over time. We recruit candidates with a wide range of skills for the most appealing marketing, communications, and digital jobs in the non-profit sector at all levels from Assistant to Director.


We’re social-first storytellers. We use our passion for content to help organisations, including many charities, to grow and transform their ideas into creative outcomes through video, photo, design, social and web. Everything we do is shaped by three core values of experience, trust and pride, and this guides us to deliver great content that grabs attention and drives action. Our transparent and competitive pricing means our clients always know exactly what they’re paying for and can get the most out of their budget. Ultimately, we’re creatives with sales and marketing backgrounds, harnessing our knowledge and experience to simplify content creation: our clients can leave the concepts, strategy, shoots and amendments to us while they focus on other priorities.

Creative Concern is a full service communications agency that believes that creative, compelling and compassionate communications can make the world a better place. For us, great ideas and good values go hand in hand; we care about what we do and we care about what you do. 
Since we started out in 2002, Creative Concern has been dedicated to working with charities from across the UK, tackling a whole range of different creative communications challenges. From small, locally-focused charities providing much-needed services to some of the biggest household charity brands, we have helped to create and strengthen charity brands, devise effective campaigns, engage colleagues and reach out to donors and supporters. 

more onion logo

More onion is a digital mobilisation agency. We work exclusively with progressive non-profits to deliver high-impact digital communications, campaigns and fundraising through both our expert consultancy and our powerful mobilisation platform, Impact Stack. Our international team are committed activists and fundraisers who bring a passion for social change along with deep strategic, creative and technical expertise. We never lose sight of the real goal of your project – building support for real world change. We won’t just follow a brief to deliver what you’ve asked for; whether it’s engagement actions, supporter journeys or lead generation, we’ll work collaboratively with you to fully understand and deliver what you need.


Group collecting platform Collection Pot simplifies and streamlines the collection of funds for a wide range of everyday occasions and events. Particularly relevant today to support the rapidly changing needs of charities, companies, communities and individuals.

Collection Pot recently announced the launch of a Microsoft Teams App – bringing workplace collecting in to the 21st  Century. Visa Direct has also been integrated with the platform, providing rapid disbursement of funds.

A UK based business with a strong social and ethical customer focused approach, they pledge to never charge to process Gift Aid, and proactively work with charity partners to maximise all fundraising activity.