Social marketing

27 January 2010
08:30 - 16:30

The following is a list of speakers from the recent CharityComms social marketing conference.

To download a speaker's presentation, please click on the title of their session.

Morning plenary and small group sessions:

Ellen O’Donoghue, Head of Social Marketing, Forster, discussed Tools to influence behaviour

Patrick Ladbury, Programme Manager, National Social Marketing Centre, led a workshop on Using the right social marketing mix to move and motivate your target audience

Tom Pey, Director of Public Policy and Development, Guide Dogs, enlightened us on The role of research in social marketing

Emily Knee, Senior Digital Account Manager, NSPCC, talked about the issue of Involving your target audience in social marketing

Afternoon plenary and small group sessions:

Caroline Hulett, Health Promotion and Information Manager, Breakthrough Breast Cancer, led an afternoon plenary on the subject of Working with Primary Care Trusts

Nick Radmore, Head of Social Marketing and Brand, British Heart Foundation, spoke on the subject of Developing a winning social marketing campaign to influence behaviour

Scott Davidson, Programme Design and Evaluation Manager, Global Action Plan, led a breakout session on Using peer-to-peer delivery of information to bring about change

Nathan Jones, Senior Marketing Manager, Home Office, discussed his experience of Delivering and evaluating a campaign: the FRANK campaign