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Stepping into Comms Leadership Autumn 2020

Stepping into Comms Leadership

28 September 2020 09.30 - 13.00

A set of three online workshops exclusively for heads of department/assistant directors (or equivalent) at organisational members of CharityComms

£450+ VAT for all three sessions for medium and large charity members
£225 + VAT for all three sessions for small charity members (under £2 million)

Dates: Mon 28 Sep, Thurs 15 Oct, Tues 8 Dec

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Online via Zoom

A set of three online workshops supporting senior comms professionals through the transition from senior management to leadership. These events will run on:

  • Monday, 28 September
  • Thursday, 15 October
  • Tuesday, 8 December

Becoming a visionary leader requires embodying a new set of skills. These workshops will support and inspire senior comms professionals looking to move from senior management to leadership (for example from head of department to director level – and beyond).

As a delegate you will:

  • Hear the experiences of other senior leaders in the sector who have made the transition
  • Create an ongoing supportive network of peers from other charities
  • Gain tools and strategies for success
  • Improve your confidence in your ability to lead

“I think many of us would admit that we don’t always find the time to reflect on our own leadership and areas for growth as its easy to get so caught up in the day-to-day. These workshops made me realise just how important it is – but also gave me the framework and space to do this. It was really useful to hear from, and question, the CEOs who spoke candidly and offered up some real nuggets of advice. Equally, the opportunity to talk things through with my peers in the sector was hugely valuable. Would really recommend.”

Katie Bennett
special projects lead – policy, campaigns and partnershipsAlzheimer’s Society

Who the workshops are for:

  • These workshops are exclusive for organisational members of CharityComms
  • This is an application only event for heads of department/assistant directors (or equivalent level) 
  • The workshop fee covers all three sessions – please note that workshops cannot be booked as independent sessions

If you have any questions, please get in touch with Vanessa.

What to expect from the sessions

The sessions are designed as a set of three and will run over a period of three months. Delegates attend all three sessions, get to know the group, and have the opportunity to reflect back with each other and the facilitator about experiences and learnings you have in the time period between sessions.

Each session will focus on an aspect of leadership transition – a key developmental theme which surfaces when one moves from a managerial role into leadership role.

Full programme:

Monday 28 September, 9.30 – 12.00

Theme: Leading from the self

Your accumulated operational experience can be a solid base from which to lead, and provide a sense of security. How do you move beyond this to lead functions of which you have no operational experience and only a limited understanding? How can you show up as a leader – how can you embody leadership – in a way which draws on who you are as much as on what you know?

Speaker: Pip Gardner, chief executive, The Kite Trust 

Thursday 15 October, 9.30 – 12.00

Theme: Riding several horses

At any one time there are multiple demands on your time, so how you balance and prioritise your time and ensure delivery through others is key. No single horse is difficult, it’s the complexity of them all together and the interface between them which can be challenging.

Speaker: Andy Fletcher, Chief Executive, Together for Short Lives

Tuesday 8 December, 9.30 – 12.00

Theme: Using your difference

What’s the essence of what you bring and how does that align with the leadership culture of your organisation? Where they don’t align is where you can be usefully different in the leadership team, and can be the area where you fly or fall – or both!

Speaker: Lorraine Gillies, Chief Officer at the Scottish Community Safety Network


Griff Griffiths, director, Cocomotion
Griff created the award-winning Cocomotion network, which works with individuals, teams and whole organisations to: unpack assumptions, get clarity about what they do, understand what shapes their decision making, expand options, set direction and work better together to move forward.