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Workshop: Building resilience in uncertain times


27 May 2021 10.00 - 12.00

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Our current world situation is both uncertain and overwhelming. The not-for-profit sector in particular is facing changes and challenges it hasn’t faced in a long time, which can lead to stress and potential burnout for staff and volunteers.

This workshop offers attendees the opportunity to explore the uncertainty around them, to identify how this uncertainty impacts their behaviours, thoughts and emotions, and to look at the costs both personally and organisationally of ignoring those impacts. We then go on to look at six tried and tested resilience building strategies that attendees can try out, and commit to taking forward beyond the session.

About Bird


Bird delivers resilience coaching and webinars to those working in any kind of supportive organisation, helping teams and individuals to build resilience, prioritise self-care, and feel energised and empowered in all that they do. We believe self-care is a priority not a luxury, and that we can only work sustainably if we have the space and support to self-reflect and take care of ourselves and each other in the workplace.

This session will be led by Elloa Barbour, facilitator and coach at Bird.

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