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Having confidence and courage to find your work superpowers

24 June 2022

You might be brand new to the charity comms sector, or perhaps you have recently jumped into a new team, or taken a step up? Maybe your job description has stretched beyond all recognition? Or perhaps nothing has changed at all for a while.

Whatever your situation, we are all constantly learning and evolving, even if it doesn’t feel like it day-to-day.

Whether it’s your first step (or the fifth million) on your comms journey, it is worth taking a minute or two to think about how brilliant you really are. Give yourself the respect you deserve, whatever stage you are at.

As a CharityComms mentor this is something I often encourage my mentees to do, here’s how to give it a go for yourself…

Think beyond the CV

Usually to secure a role, or to climb a ladder within an organisation, we need to showcase our talents via a CV. These predominately list our relevant work experience.

That’s all very well, but what about all the other components that make us who we are? Surely, we are more than two sides of A4. This exercise allows us to focus on boosting our self-esteem, confidence and resilience, alongside our traditional CVs.

We all have wildly different and amazing personalities and attributes and values. These are our superpowers. They make you, YOU.

Taking a moment to shine a light on them, to celebrate them, can help us to navigate our roles and responsibilities, and ultimately ourselves, with more confidence and courage.

Dig deep for your superpowers

Here’s a task to help you: Grab a cup of tea. Gather a notebook and a pen. Find a corner alone or gather your team mates around. This exercise is perfect for individuals or in a collaborative setting.

Step 1

Write down your top three superpowers. Positive parts of your personality, that you wouldn’t find written on your CV.

What would your friends say about you? What about your family? What do you secretly think you are pretty ok at? What is it about yourself you feel happy and proud of?

Are you the friendliest of the bunch and always on hand to help? Are you someone who listens carefully, and considers your reply, helping your colleagues feel supported? Perhaps you are able to make light of most situations, and are quick to laugh? Perhaps you team mates rely on you for your decisiveness? These are all great skills to have both in your personal life and your job.

Step 2

Once you have written these down on paper, take a decent amount of time to congratulate yourself. These superpowers are unique to you. Even though it may feel like everyone is ‘friendly’ they won’t be friendly in quite the exact same way that you are. Embrace the fact that you are completely unique, and there is nobody quite like you.

Step 3

Let’s start to think about the ways that your superpowers have helped you in the past. Particularly in a work context. When have you drawn on these powers of yours to jump over obstacles and tackle tasks? Once you start thinking, you might be surprised by how many times you have relied on your superpowers to survive all types of situations.

Step 4

Now, observe the role that you are in right now. And all the responsibilities that go with it. How can your superpowers help you today. Right now. And tomorrow too.

You’ve looked at how they have helped you in the past, so let’s look at how can they help you into the future as well.

Step 5

Repeat this exercise at any time you need a boost of confidence and courage.

And remember not all superheroes wear capes

Each one of us will have many more superpowers within us, not just three. The list is endless, so keep adding to it, and then go over the steps above again.

Remember, your unique superpowers are always there for you. Tucked up your sleeve, ready to be used at any time. Nobody can take them away from you, and only you own them. There is a lot of power in knowing this.

When work can feel relentless, or stagnant, ‘too much’ or ever-changing, this simple exercise helps to channel our thoughts back to our very own superpowers, and how valuable we really are.

If you are interested in helping other charity communicators too the CharityComms scheme is always looking for mentors, find out more about the scheme.

Banner image: Yulia Matvienko on Unsplash.

Emily Frost

coach, Power Project

Emily is a trained, certified and accredited coach, working and living in London. She runs Power Project and has a strong background in charity marketing, planning, and project management. Emily coaches all types of people, so they become unstoppable, and she is also a CharityComms mentor.