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Internal communication manager

15 June 2012

Reporting to:

Director of communications

Role purpose:

The internal communications manager is primarily responsible for managing the internal comms team and ensuring the delivery of our organisation’s internal comms strategy. This includes supporting colleagues across the charity, particularly managers, to deliver successful communications within their team and across teams.

Key responsibilities:

  • Partner with managers and leaders across the organisation to shape and deliver our overall internal communications strategy in order to deliver business goals. Ensure planned activities are aligned with corporate messages and initiatives, including performance appraisal
  • Manage internal communications team, leadership of regional communications managers on internal communications matters. Advising senior leaders on internal communications strategy and operational plans
  • Organise internal events to promote our brand values across the organisation. Work with the head of learning and development to design and implement a programme of leadership development for senior leaders
  • Shape clear messages that are aligned to brand values. Develop and manage our communication briefing process, ensuring it effectively communicates corporate messages and elicit feedback
  • Advise individual managers to achieve successful engagement in key initiatives. Facilitate leadership learning sessions
  • Support and develop communications officers and other key contacts across the charity
  • Assess project needs and audiences to select the most effective communication channels to achieve greatest traction. Create opportunities for two way communications across the organisation. Develop knowledge of innovative communications tools
  • Introducing new solutions and approaches to improve engagement in change initiatives. Work with change managers to ensure corporate communications support change agenda
  • Effectively develop and manage a budget to agreed limits
  • Effectively manage and ensure systems are fit for purpose
  • Effectively develop and manage a team, ensuring the team and its members perform to a high standard, comply with legal an organisational requirements, and respond positively to change