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Member code of conduct

All members are required as a condition of their membership to adhere to the following code of conduct.

CharityComms is a peer-to-peer membership organisation with a strong sense of community and support among our network. We are committed to maintaining and promoting a community where members can engage with each other in a supportive and mutually respectful manner.

All members are required as a condition of their membership to adhere to the following code of conduct. Failure to do so may lead to you and / or your organisation being removed as a member. 

All CharityComms members are expected to: 

  • Respect the views, opinions, knowledge, experience and expertise of other members, at events, in discussions, during a mentoring relationship and in other communications channels where they may interact with CharityComms and other members. 
  • Be polite, honest and supportive of other members. 
  • Always strive to uphold good practice in their communications and uphold the reputation of the communications profession and CharityComms. 
  • Not discriminate against, bully or harass others on the basis of: cultural and role difference, including (but not exclusively) those involving age, disability, education, ethnicity, gender, language, national origin, political beliefs, race, religion, sexual orientation, marital or family status and socio-economic status. 
  • Not knowingly act in a manner inconsistent with this code, or knowingly cause or permit others to do so. 

Breach of the Code of Conduct 

A complaint regarding a breach of the code of conduct may be made by anyone, whether they are a CharityComms member or not. 

In the first instance, please direct your complaint in writing to the member of the team who provided the service related to the alleged breach of conduct (e.g. the events team if it happened during an event). You can find of all our contact details here. 

Alternatively, please get in touch with our CEO, Adeela Warley. Any complaint should be submitted within two months of the alleged breach of conduct.