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Anna Pietrowski

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Anna has been working in charity sector communications for the past 10 years. She’s currently senior content manager at Age UK.


23 October 2018
 Ah, Mrs Doyle. Father Ted’s devoted tea lady, famous for her constant cuppas and deafness to refill refusals. Mrs Doyle might seem an unlikely muse for us charity comms people, but she had one key skill we can all learn from. She wasn’t afraid to ask. Whether it’s your latest fundraising appeal or a petition on a thorny issue, chances are you’re no […]
10 May 2013
To celebrate Mother’s day we decided that rather than send out a press release we’d make a video, in-house and on a practically non-existent budget. We felt it was important to show real single mothers talking about their real experiences, especially on a day which can often leave single parent families feeling side-lined. Lights Gingerbread […]