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Catherine Raynor

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Catherine is a founding director of Mile 91 which specialises in story gathering and story management for charities and changemakers. Her first taste of storytelling was in 2006 when she established VSO’s story gathering function. She has managed more than 40 story gathering visits to developing countries and numerous shoots in the UK. She also provides consultancy to charities looking to audit their story gathering systems and processes or to develop internal skills in storytelling. She blogs on storytelling skills and best practice here.

26 May 2020
Given the current situation, there is no better time than now to start trusting a wider group of people – other than just your comms teams - to gather your content. Here’s how to get started…
8 February 2019
The charity sector is far more tuned in to the importance of stories than it was even five years ago. Colleagues who previously feared the ‘dumbing down’ of key messages now recognise the power of human storytelling...
29 July 2016
Charity communications teams sometimes tell us their charities don’t have any stories to tell. At Mile 91, we like to play devil’s advocate by replying “yes you do”. If your organisation is fulfilling its mission and delivering on its objectives, then you will have stories, you just need to access them. Here are my tips for […]