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Clare Harris

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Clare Harris has been Agenda Consulting's head of business since 2013. She worked in a number of senior management positions in academic publishing for more than 10 years and also as a consultant advising organisations on how to improve their service offerings through their people. Her work includes employee research and benchmarking.

15 April 2016
When an organisation goes through change, such as a staff restructure or launching a new corporate strategy, internal comms teams play a vital role in helping to embed change and act as the ‘storyteller’ throughout the process.   A recent CharityComms Internal Comms Group meeting considered how to tackle the challenges and opportunities change management […]
19 June 2015
The way in which your senior management team communicates with staff can have a significant impact on the organisation as a whole. Get it right and people will be more inclined to provide support in difficult times. Get it wrong, moral can dip and hard won trust can be lost. A recent meeting of CharityComms' Internal […]