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Dan Dufour

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Dan is one of the sector’s leading brand strategists. He has worked on brand development across all sectors including Rightmove, London 2012 and Cancer Research UK. He’s best known for his award-winning work across all corners of the charity sector, from Shelter and Parkinson’s UK to RSPB and Scope. Dan established CharityComms Brand Breakfast, proudly supported by Red Stone. He is an author of our best practice guides to branding and integrated campaigns.

2 February 2021
All great brands and campaigns are based on insight. They are the key facts that inform memorable and effective brands and campaigns, giving the vital knowledge needed to help connect with people’s hearts and minds to move them to action. Where do powerful insights come from and how do you go about finding them so that you can embed them in your charity’s work too?...
9 October 2020
Charities are undoubtedly facing challenging times as the pandemic has hit income hard. That means it has never been more important to consider how your brand can work for fundraising...
11 January 2019
The charity sector is investing more in brand than ever before. But the competition is also steeper, from the market leaders with bigger budgets, to commercial brands with social purpose...
Dan Dufour