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Hannah Massarella

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Hannah is a certified professional co-active coach and the founder of Bird. Bird is about escaping barriers both internally and externally. We champion creativity, innovation and development in the not-for-profit sector. Bird works with NGO workers, researchers, PhD students, doctors, nurses, social workers, carers, teachers, coaches, counsellors and entrepreneurs.

Building resilience is important
13 September 2019
Mental and emotional wellbeing at work should be a priority for both the individual and the employer. Here's five strategies to help build personal resilience and prioritise self-care...
16 November 2018
Any senior leader carries a lot of responsibility when working in a not-for-profit organisation. You are likely to be dealing with demands from the board, the CEO, the team you manage, the service users, funders, the media and the general public so it's important to stop and take care of yourself too...
2 May 2017
I’ve long advocated that self-care is a responsibility not a luxury if you’re in any way supporting or leading others. We cannot consistently and sustainably be strong, compassionate and effective if we aren’t treating ourselves with compassion and acknowledging ourselves as strong and effective individuals. Often, we move through life thinking it’s normal to be […]
28 February 2017
I haven’t always felt confident public speaking. Like many people, I have a public speaking gremlin that has been known to wrestle with me internally during key moments of address. This gremlin is barely visible to the outside world, but it makes for a very hot, sweaty and unpleasant journey through the delivery of a […]
16 October 2015
In a sector devoted to giving to others, burnout is commonplace. The best way to manage it is to identify the symptoms and focus on tools and techniques that enable you to work sustainably.  What burnout looks like I worked in the not-for-profit sector for four years. I was on the front line, working with […]