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Madeleine Sugden

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Madeleine Sugden is a digital content specialist with over 20 years of experience in charity communications. She delivers training, research and consultancy to help charities improve their digital skills, strategies, processes and output. She works on projects and does interim roles to cover skills gaps in teams. Her blog shares best practice and monthly digital round-ups.

2 July 2019
As someone who has been part of the charity sector for 20 years, freelancing for 10 and a mentor to the new generation of charity communicators, I understand the importance of self-directed career development...
26 January 2016
You have to work hard to attract attention on social media. With a little creative input, data can help you visualise your story and engage your audience.  Everyone’s trying it out. Buffer conducted tests which revealed that their own posts received 150% more retweets when posting with images. Maps and slick infographics are widely used […]