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Sarah Rushworth

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Sarah joined Agenda in October 2013. She has a BA in English literature and has worked in various sales and account management positions, most recently as the sales and marketing manager for a company selling academic online resources to schools worldwide. Sarah ensures Agenda's clients get the most from their products and services.

28 June 2016
Different people need and respond to different forms of engagement. Like people, different groups within your organisations may be harder to reach and engage with. They may lack easy access to technology, they may be located outside of the organisation’s headquarters or they might lack time.  Hard to reach groups can vary from home workers, […]
23 October 2015
There are a lot of digital tools (often free) that can help with internal communications, from social media to custom built intranets. It’s tempting to think that investing in a new digital technology will be the answer to your internal communications woes.  However, people who manage internal communications in charities know this isn’t always the […]