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Sue Fidler

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Sue Fidler runs Sue Fidler Ltd, an e-consultancy which provides high quality, reasonably priced web development and ICT consultancy for the not for profit sector. Follow them on Twitter @suefidler or on

5 December 2011
Our recent CharityBuzz blog entitled “Email vs social media: which is better?” caused quite a stir. Some comments came in saying “surely it depends on what you are doing” while others asked “couldn’t you tell us which to use?” The title was, of course, being provocative and the blog went on to discuss the recurring […]
6 September 2011
ICT consultant Sue Fidler shares advice on how to share the social media load  One of the enduring questions from charities of all sizes is how to support and maintain fresh content on all the social platforms they want to appear on. Most charities self manage their content – I know of very few which […]
28 April 2011
We’ve been blogging a lot recently about what makes online communications effective. One of the most striking conclusions I’ve come to is that no matter what the medium, the place you need to start is similar. Because whether you’re tweeting, blogging, writing an e-newsletter or a web page, the question you must always ask yourself […]
8 January 2010
Much of the time, visitors to your website will find it through either typing in a guessed URL or via an internet search engine so you need to ensure that any search engine can find your site without problems.