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Tom Tapper

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Tom is the co-founder and creative director of Nice and Serious, an ethically-driven creative agency. For 10 years he’s been working with charities to create canpaigns, films, animations and websites that have an impact.

30 June 2017
You are standing on the precipice of a ball pit. You’re dressed in work attire. A piece of you wants to dive headlong into it. Wriggle around and toss balls into the air. You know it’ll bring joy. But you’ll never do it. You’ll never let your playful child-mind run wild. Why? Because you’re in […]
14 March 2017
Since 2008 we’ve produced hundreds of videos for charities at Nice and Serious. Some have been a big success, others less so. But over time we’ve seen a familiar pattern emerge; the faces of five fiendish villains we all struggle to fight. You might recognise some of them. We’ve painted a picture of those villains along […]