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CharityComms podcast: Being a mentor and staying motivated with Enda Guinan

6 October 2020

The ability to inspire others is a wonderful thing, so it’s no wonder that when we meet someone inspirational we strive to keep them as close to us as possible.

Whether it’s their seemingly endless ability to help those around them stay motivated or the power they have to give the people they meet the confidence to be the best they can be, there are so many wonderful things inspiring friends and colleagues bring to our lives. One person who embodies all of these amazing qualities is Sarcoma UK’s Enda Guinan – a man who not only won an award at last year’s Inspiring Communicator Awards but was accompanied by a whole posse of proud colleagues when he came to the ceremony.

Charming and warm Enda is someone who immediately makes you feel like you’re talking to an old friend even if you’ve just met so we were delighted when he agreed to be on our latest CharityComms podcast and share with us the secrets behind what makes him tick.

Being a mentor and staying motivated: A conversation with Enda Guinan
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Enda is someone who has dedicated his career to helping others and says the thing that drives him is “helping people to build communities or to somehow become empowered”. Talking to him it is clear that at both Sarcoma UK and in previous roles he has been a driving force in working to make sure the communities he serves can truly feel empowered and enabling them to tell their own stories in a way that makes them feel heard.

A people person to the core he is loved by friends and colleagues alike yet he stays forever grounded telling us that being part of the charity sector is a privilege and the best job in the world as it  “genuinely makes a difference to people”. Now if that’s not inspiring we don’t know what is!

So grab a cup of tea, sit back and listen to what it is that makes Enda love the charity sector so much and feel refreshed and motivated to go out there and keep doing the amazing work you’re doing. Plus if you know someone as inspiring as Enda then why not put them up for this year’s Inspiring Communicator Awards – nominations are open until 16 October.

If you know a great charity communicator with an amazing story that you think needs to be told then let the CharityComms team know, we are on Twitter @CharityComms or you can also get in touch with me personally, on Twitter @LaurenHaizel.

Listen to this episode on AudioBoom from your desktop or download from Spotify or from the podcast app on your iPhone. You can also access a full transcription of the podcast here.


Lauren Obeng-Owusu

Events and membership assistant, CharityComms