Peer Support Scheme

Our Peer Support Scheme is open for applications from mentors and mentees. We’d love to hear from you!

We all have new challenges with our jobs and time capacity at the moment. It might take us slightly longer to make mentoring matches and once in a mentoring relationship, we’re asking all participants to adapt as needed with virtual meetings, open and honest communication and keeping the relationship flexible.


Being a mentee

Organisational members get exclusive access to mentors and one-off meetings with comms professionals in the sector.

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“It's invaluable to have some reflective space, learn about different approaches and sound out new ideas.”

Suzanne Stevenson
head of media and PR,
Hospice UK

Being a mentor

Share your knowledge and career experience, gain coaching and managerial skills and gain insight into other organisations.

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I love being a mentor as it’s a great way for me to observe and reflect on my management style.

Anil Ranchod
assistant director of external affairs,
Stroke Assocation