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Lally Wentworth

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Lally joined CharityComms in December 2008 to develop and manage the CharityComms membership scheme. She now runs our peer support scheme, including matching communications professionals working in the charity sector in mentoring relationships as part of their professional development.

18 December 2016
I’ve been asking mentors from our Peer Support Scheme to share a piece of memorable advice they’ve received during their career. A key theme that kept cropping up was: when is it the right time to move job? Here's what three of our mentors had to say on the subject. Nicola Peckett, director of communications, […]
9 August 2016
We all have useful knowledge to share. It’s knowing the best place to share that knowledge that’s often challenging.  At CharityComms, we offer organisational members the chance to join a peer support scheme. This includes a mentoring service where we match a mentee facing a particular challenge with a mentor who’s perhaps a little further […]
11 February 2013
Due to the success of our mentoring scheme we’re always on the lookout for mentors. Mentoring is the ideal way to share your knowledge and expertise with others, helping someone through a particular work challenge or time in their career. We have people from charities of all sizes and differing job levels ready to be […]
19 September 2012
We’ve all had moments of receiving valuable career advice from someone we respect, be it our manager, mentor, friend or family. I’m talking about one of those conversations which stick in your mind, get you thinking, steer you in a particular direction, make you see things differently. Sometimes it can be such great advice that […]