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Matt Collins

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Matt is a digital marketer who helps charities use digital channels to raise more money and reach more people. He spent 10 years working for charities large and small, trained with General Assembly and delivers campaigns and training for charities who want to use digital better.

21 December 2018
Digital is not a cult. It doesn’t have any robes or great leaders to worship. There’s no renouncing your worldly possessions and living in a field. And yet all too often, it can feel like the job of a digital communications professional is to convert non-believers...
1 March 2016
It was Picasso who said “action is the foundational key to all success.” He probably wasn’t talking about digital marketing, but if he was, he was talking about email. When it comes to digital, email is your secret weapon. The ace up your sleeve. People who see your message on email are more likely to […]
24 September 2015
Charity leaders are seen as the human face of their organisations. There is an appetite for CEOs to use social platforms. Eight out of 10 people say they’re likely to trust an organisation whose CEO and team use social media. Now is the time for senior leaders in charities to be visible, transparent and reachable online. […]
15 April 2014
Albert Einstein said, “Not everything that matters can be measured, and not everything that can be measured matters.” Working in a data driven area like digital marketing means there’s a lot of pressure to demonstrate impact in hard numbers and show colleagues you’re not just messing around on Facebook all day. Few areas of digital […]
21 June 2012
Running social media feeds for charities ain't easy. Each morning, you sit down at your desk, wait for the coffee to kick in, and rack your brain for witty, inspiring and engaging content. Tweets and posts that will keep your followers and fans coming back for more. Here's what you should cover for starters: 1. […]
2 February 2012
Embarking on communicating via social media, like any other project of significance, needs support from your senior management, and indeed the whole organisation if possible.  Ensure they are least aware and at best fully supportive of this deployment of resources. You can adapt and share this information with senior management and trustees to help convince […]