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Peter Gilheany

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Peter is charity director at Forster Communications, the social change PR agency. He has spent 25 years working with and for charities on communicating around social change, from developing the Gift Aid It brand back in 2001 to creating the strategy for the movement to tackle loneliness in 2018. Along the way, he has worked with almost every high profile charity in the UK, writes regularly about communications issues affecting charities in Third Sector and PR Week and is a former trustee of CharityComms.

Tips for crisis management
23 July 2019
Bad things happen to good people and organisations. When a charity gets caught up in a crisis, it is crucial that it takes control of its communications to limit the fallout...
9 March 2015
Charities risk being completely sidestepped by supporters and campaigners unless they put the final nail in the coffin of “we know best”. In the not too recent past, campaigning followed a traditional top-down approach, with charity professionals pulling together campaign aims and approaches, perhaps leavened with some form of consultation, before presenting a fully formed […]
30 September 2014
There are some very poor pieces of legislation on the UK statute books but the Lobbying Act is up there. It’s badly put together, compromised, woolly and ambiguous and will do very little to tackle the key issue it was created to deal with in the first place – curbing the excesses of the lobbying […]
13 January 2012
Social media has changed the charity communications goalposts, says Forster's Peter Gilheaney  You spend years plugging away at the comms coalface of the charity you work for, incrementally increasing understanding of the need for presenting a coherent brand profile to the outside world, and that brand guidelines are there to help rather than hinder. Your chief […]