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The power of drawing inspiration from others

14 September 2021

Inspiration comes in many forms and from many places. As designer Paul Smith famously once said: “You can find inspiration in everything.”

One of the most powerful types of inspiration can be the type we get from the people around us. Our admiration for inspiring people doing amazing things can be a real motivator. It can spark our imaginations, push us to try new things and spur us on in the pursuit of being the best we can be.

Drawing inspiration from others is powerful. But being the one who is the source of this inspiration is no mean feat. That’s why the Inspiring Communicators Awards (ICAs) exist.

The ICAs are a chance to shout about the charity communicators that inspire you. The people who have grabbed your attention and enthralled you with their comms work. Those who have worked hard to support and empower, while also championing wellbeing.

It’s your chance to tell us about the people you work with, or the great campaigners and ambassadors you admire. Whoever it is that inspires you because of their amazing way with comms, we want to hear about them.

Not that we think you need any but here are a couple of reasons why you might want to nominate someone…

Celebrating others is nice

Sharing the successes of others is just plain nice – and in turbulent times like these it can be a real boost. Letting someone know that you see them and that what they are doing matters to you, can lift someone up. Making others feel recognised and special can be a real mood booster for both you and them!

It’s an opportunity to build connections

Social interaction is an important part of life. But these days chance encounters are not always as easy to come by. Why not consider nominating someone you’ve admired from afar and who knows you might make a new friend. Or at the very least you’ll have an excuse to make contact with them!

*Nominations will only be accepted from CharityComms organisational and individual members or corporate partners. You don’t need to worry whether the person you are nominating is a member or not. For more information, please visit our Inspiring Communicator Awards page.

For more inspiration take a look at last year’s winners.

Banner Image: FLY:D on Unsplash

Christine Fleming

Head of digital content, CharityComms

Christine is the head of digital content at CharityComms in charge of the commissioning and editing of all content on the site as well as leading on the project management of the new look best practice guides. A former journalist with a background in online news, she has a masters in Global Media and Transnational Communications and is passionate about comms and helping charity communications thrive.