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Sarah Fitzgerald

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Sarah Fitzgerald is director of Self Communications, developing ambitious communications strategies for charities and not-for-profits. She has more than a decade of senior communications experience in the third sector.

23 June 2017
The future isn’t far off. Our report written by Eden Stanley, Whatever Next? Public Engagement in 2022, explores the key trends shaping supporters, the media, and the wider world. How can we ensure we’re ready for the challenges the future holds? Here are our suggestions. 1. Be a facilitator, not a gatekeeper In a world […]
25 May 2017
In our report written by Eden Stanley, Whatever Next? Public Engagement in 2022, we predict the rise of free and paid online content across a fragmented media landscape will continue to ramp up pressure on traditional news and consumer press, like newspapers and magazines. Traditional media owners are still scrambling to find new business models […]
21 April 2017
Dorothy Donor, our sector’s beloved archetypal traditionalist supporter, was born before the Baby Boomers, her attitudes shaped more by our colonial past than the civil rights movements that followed it.  She has been the mainstay of the donor market for longer than most fundraisers have been working. But in five years’ time, Dorothy’s day will […]
17 March 2017
Earlier this year, CharityComms and Eden Stanley published Whatever Next? Public Engagement in 2022, a report exploring the key trends shaping supporters, the media, and the wider world. It considers the potential impact on charities and how we can respond.  Based on our discussions with people at the leading edge of public engagement in charities […]
23 February 2017
Everyone knows charities help people solve problems in the world. However, over the past few years the business of doing good has become more market-driven. Suddenly, there is competition from private companies with a social purpose, often more adept at distilling a simple and compelling consumer proposition.  The result is that charities no longer hold […]
22 February 2016
We’ve updated our Best Practice Guide on tone of voice, Perfect Pitch: linking voice and values.  In the first edition of our guide, we highlighted the potential risk when members of the same sector start reviewing how they speak to their audiences, and developing tone of voice guidelines to stand out. It’s pretty easy for […]
31 October 2013
When it comes to your charity’s brand, what you say is as important as how you look. Charities are now reaching beyond the traditional link between brand and visuals to focus on achieving consistency and clarity in tone of voice. Brand language is becoming a communications discipline in its own right. There are great examples […]
25 April 2013
Could your charity be identified through its words alone? Brand language – choosing the best words and the right tone of voice – is something charity communicators are having to get a handle on. This is particularly true in the era of social media, where there is more dialogue with stakeholders, a greater need for […]